three and a half

On Friday, Chad and I had a lovely dinner at Haymarket Grill to celebrate three and a half years of being together. We are both into eating locally, so this was a perfect place for us to go. The night was so lovely-being able to reflect on our life together and talk about our future.
Here are some photos from the evening:

The very simple card I made for Chad. There is more to it than that, but you guys don't need to see everything :)

My delicious dinner. Shrimp. Risotto. Scallops. Bacon-wrapped Asparagus.

Chad's meal of swordfish and sweet potatoes. Everything was so delicious!

The gorgeous red tulips he got me. He loves picking out flowers; it's so sweet.

We came home to this guy. Bear. Chad's sister and boyfriend went to Arizona and we got to babysit Bear.

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Chad said...

Mmmm. An exquisite meal and a wonderful day.


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